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Gernot Becker

mac messe- und ausstellungscenter Service GmbH
An den Nahewiesen
55450 Langenlonsheim
Phone: +49 6704 919-122
E-Mail: gernot.becker(at)mac(dot)de

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Here you can find background information and high-resolution imagery for download. We are pleased to submit more detailed information about mac, exhibition construction, exhibition design, exhibition service and live-communication on request.


Data, figures, facts

mac messe- und ausstellungscenter Service GmbH

  • founded 1973 in Bad Kreuznach (Rhineland-Palatinate)
  • 394 permanent employees, including 52 apprentices
  • 6 Mio. Euro registered capital
  • 69 Mio. Euro annual turnover
  • more than 2.600 projects
  • 359 projects abroad
  • over 970 exhibitions and events
  • 302.282  sqm covered area

Retrieved March 01, 2016


Photographic Material

Headquarters in Langenlonsheim

Insight into Carpentry

Automatic Lumberyard

Preparation of Graphics

Forklift in High Rack Warehouse