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mac and the trade fair construction industry

Right from the start we knew that the first world exhibition in Central Asia – and probably the largest construction site Kazakhstan has seen in a long time – would be a special project for mac. Reality exceeded our expectations when we built the German Pavilion at Expo 2017 in the capital city of Astana. With our recollections and photos, we’d like to share with you our impressions of the past four months.  


The official start of construction was 1 March. For several weeks we were the only guest country that had started working in the icy cold on frozen ground.     


To provide a receiver in customs declarations, the pavilion’s operator Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH established a business address in Astana.


Transported goods that raised alarms with National Security included hot-glue pistols, a computer mouse and keyboard and adhesives.

Business trips:

three times to Berlin for meetings with gtp2 at lead agency insglück

six times to Hamburg to meet with operator Hamburg Messe  

seven times to Cologne for additional meetings with gtp2 at insglück

11 times to Astana (for a total of 65 days)

once to Almaty for four days

once to Bonn


Our  Kazakhstani partner used manpower to move the first steel beams into the pavilion. The forklift arrived on Day 2. 


A triggered sprinkler system put part of the pavilion under water. Working with the hall’s contractors, we quickly dried the floor.   

Copyright photos: mac

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