Enhanced Reality

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Digital elements have been integrated in trade fair booths in recent years. Previously, most of those elements were used to entertain and amuse. Now they have become application tools equipped with a virtual reality function. Using our collaboration with our customer VITRONIC as an example, we explain how virtual reality is used at trade fairs.   

The Wiesbaden company manufactures image processing systems for purposes such as traffic monitoring with speed camera installations, for example. Some real products were exhibited alongside digital solutions. Visitors were invited to don virtual reality glasses that transported them into the midst of a large intersection where they could see how the systems increased traffic safety in specific application areas.  


Another VITRONIC product for the automation industry is a camera system that automatically checks automotive welds. The real product was exhibited in a display case at the booth. Touch screens installed on the case’s glass surface let visitors call up digital displays of information about the product.   

The interplay of media and real elements makes perfect sense for many products and services. Perhaps for yours too?

Copyright photos: mac; VITRONIC

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