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mac in touch with the times

"mac stands out in the crowd" sums up the visitors' feedback on our booth design. From 5th to 7th March we presented ourselves in Düsseldorf at EuroShop, the world's leading retail fair that takes place every three years. It was an unusual project for us as trade fair builders to have our own exhibit at a fair. Of course our expectations were high. Our seven-member project team did a great job at our highly interactive booth which captured the attention of many attendees. 

The eye-catching "mac wall" was outfitted with a variety of tools that invited everyone to try them out, discover and experience something new. At the Candy Bar, for example, visitors could put together a bag of multi-colored hard candies, with each color representing a mac characteristic. That turned out to be a great conversation starter! We also provided our guests with some little-known facts. Do you know, for instance, what an apple and an elephant have to do with mac? We'll tell you!

Our ideas aroused international attention too. The USA publication Exhibitor nominated us for the "Exhibitor Magazine's EuroShop Award", which honors the most impressive trade fair stand designs at EuroShop. Together with 29 other exhibitors, mac made it to the shortlist. 

As everyone knows, after the fair is before the fair. With the results of our expert forum kommunikation4 on lead management in mind, we kept our eyes focused on the entire customer journey. In close collaboration with a media technology partner, we captured customer contact info on an iPad during the fair, analyzed the leads and on the same evening sent the lead an e-mail containing additional information. Success quickly followed. Just a few days later we had received the first requests for bids. Our original expectations were exceeded!

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