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holistic approach.

We create holistic brand experiences for our customers. Hereby we do not design a product, we develop platforms that fit our clients' needs - in real and digital space, or hybrid.

Communication in space has always been our passion. With our experience and expertise, we fill these spaces with life, individually tailored to your needs and create emotional and interactive events. Unique live moments set standards in the industry.


understand to consult.

A thorough analysis of our clients’ needs is the first step in order to derive a suitable format. Taking social trends into account, we analyze our clients' market and brand. On this basis, we develop concepts and suitable live communication solutions.



Sustainability has been implemented in our corporate strategy for decades - for us, working responsible does not just include ecological aspects. It is our goal to responsibly deal with all aspects of sustainability – social, economical and ecological. Therefore, we have co-developed the industry standard "Sustainable Company" in 2011, have an active works council that is involved in all important corporate decisions and operate in an ecological sustainable matter. In 2021 we launched our Sustainability Report.



In our business unit Digital Brand Spaces | by mac, we develop emotional customer journeys for users in the digital space. We combine our creative expertise with digital know-how and design virtual and interactive platforms. In addition to the concept development, we cover all essential competencies regarding necessary hardware and software in-house.

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mac Campus

Our mac Campus combines all disciplines and crafts under one roof. Starting from concept development up to the workbench - it is only a two-minute walk for us. Since 1973, this unique combination of creativity and craftsmanship have ensured the success of our customers and our own company. In almost 50 years, we have continuously expanded our location, our network and our know-how - enabling us to realize our customers' projects worldwide today and in the future. Also we are always able to have quality and availability under direct control.

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